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AlwaysPeachy started out as an attempt to help myself get focused in the morning. But as soon as other people started reading my silly little random thoughts about God and faith and living a real Christian life, I started receiving requests to make them public. In 2012, I decided to add photography to add some spice, so all the images you see on this blog are photos that I have taken. And that’s where AlwaysPeachy came from.

Me in a mirrorAbout Me

I am a single writer living in Kansas on my family’s small farm. I write constantly, and I’m generally fairly random, so starting a blog made sense. At the moment, I am a full-time copywriter for a marketing group in Wichita, Kansas, and I attend NewSpring Church, my second home. I have written multiple skits that have been published, and I have also written a few short stories that have been published as well. I am currently working toward the publication of a novel. I’m geeky enough to know that dividing by zero is a bad idea and artistic enough to understand what CMYK means.

Most importantly, I have given my life to Jesus Christ. He walks with me every day, and I try to pay attention to what He’s saying. I hope something He has shared with me as I grow will be a blessing and an encouragement to you as you read my crazy, random ramblings.

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